Olympian Jonathan Edwards presents...

The Confidence Equation Masterclass for Athletes, Parents, and Coaches.

You deserve more confidence.  It is the fundamental building block to all of your success in sports and in life.


It's time to take your confidence seriously and apply the techniques in this masterclass to your game.


Imagine what you would do if you were more confident. See yourself taking the right risks on the field of play. 


The truth is you have all the confidence you need inside you right now it just needs to be unleashed and I'm here to help you in this class.


Here's why you need this masterclass:


There's another level to your confidence that makes EVERYTHING you do...better.


When we release the brakes on your confidence you will be unstoppable.


Confidence is a belief that is completely trainable.  It's like having something in your back pocket that's ready to go at a moments notice.


You can turn it on when you need it no matter what situation you're going into.


All you need to do is sign up for this masterclass today.  You'll have access to the videos in minutes.


I look forward to seeing you on the inside. Get your seat right now.  Enjoy the videos as you need them and have access forever.

The Confidence Masterclass

  • This masterclass will give you the mindset and skills to develop greater confidence not just in sport, but in life.

  • Led by Olympian Jonathan Edwards, this five part course reveals the tactics you need to have more confidence right now.

  • This masterclass is viewable on all mobile devices.

  • Also come with a 30 minute coaching call to discuss your athlete specifically.

Available: Immediately in your time zone.

Carmine Massi

“We’ve been following Jonathan’s page and website for over a year and have found it immensely helpful, not just to the student-athlete, but especially to the parent, who only wants to see their children succeed but needs the formula Jonathan lays out to help maximize the sport psychology involved to avoid burnout and maximize your athletes potential.”

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