ATTENTION: Parents with aspiring athletes...

Mental Performance Coaching is the Key To Take Your Athlete To The Next Level and Make Them Mentally Bulletproof. 

...Even if they have a history of choking under pressure.

Olympian - Jonathan Edwards

From the desk of Olympian - Jonathan Edwards

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Dear Friend,


If you’ve got an aspiring athlete with big dreams and big goals then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

Why Mental Performance Coaching Is The Key That Brings It All Together

Listen, I get it...your athlete already does a lot.


If they are serious, they are probably going to practice AND also juggling school responsibilities.


They may already be going to strength and conditioning sessions AND going to a physical therapist if they have a nagging injury to deal with.


If they are in a National Team program they may also be traveling through Europe right now training and competing AND juggling everything I listed above.


And I get it...they may be DOING a lot of “stuff”, but if you’re reading this letter I know that your athlete is probably struggling with one or more of the following…


They probably...

  • have a ton of talent but the results just aren’t showing when it matters.

  • may practice well, but things fizzle on Game Day,

  • look like they are outworking their opponents but they choke when things get real.

  • are tired of seeing less talented athletes beating them and getting the results they should be getting.

  • Are frustrated that all of the “work” they are doing isn’t leading to consistent results.

  • are tired of hearing that they just need to be more “mentally tough” and yet they don’t have someone in their corner revealing to them how to be more mentally tough.

My best selling book hit #2 in Sport Psychology when we launched.

Before we go any further...I just

want to be very clear...


I work with athletes who are serious about their athletic future. Of those athletes there are three types that your athlete may fall in:

  1. As mentioned above, they are frustrated at their current results and want to “right the ship” so-to-speak.

  2. They are just getting started on this journey and they want to set the foundation to avoid disappointment in the future.

  3. They are ruthless competitors who want every possible edge to dominate their competition.

If your athlete doesn’t fall into one of those three categories then we probably aren’t going to be a great fit.


But if they do…

What You Can Expect From Mental Performance Coaching 

With Olympian Jonathan Edwards

As an Olympian in one sport and an All-American and Division One recruit in an entirely different sport, how I teach Mental Performance is different than most mental performance coaches or sport psychologists.

Just so you know...I am NOT a sport psychologist who has been taught out of a textbook.

No, I have real-world experience succeeding...and more an athlete at the highest level.

Therefore, I realize that learning about mental performance is not just about visualizing and breathing well.


I was also not some "gifted" athlete.


No, in fact I'm what you might call an "unlikely" Olympian.


As the only-child to two musicians, I wasn't born with some sort of athletic gene.  


And because of that, I coach in a very different way than most coaches.

I help my athletes understand the ENTIRE athletic experience and how it affects them.

Performance for an athlete isn’t just about “being in the moment” it’s about understanding how all aspects of their lives can affect how they perform when it matters most.

Over the years I’ve worked with numerous athletes who have used my techniques to succeed at a variety of levels.

For example, some of my athletes have used my system to reach the Olympics and then successfully transition out of sport and into a successful career after the fact.

One of our high school level athletes used my system to go from a bit of an also-ran to a Division One recruit in ONE SEASON!

Another one of my athletes leveraged our system to turn a solid collegiate career into multiple professional opportunities.

And while it’s great to talk about the athletes with the biggest success, it’s the little wins that happen for all of the athletes we work with who don’t have Olympic or Professional aspirations.

As I mentioned before, being “serious” doesn’t have to mean you are at your best potential...yet.

Being serious can be the athlete just trying to make their Varsity program.  Or the athlete hoping to transition from High School to College.

The systems we teach can take the young athlete, or the more experienced athlete, and help them perform at their best when it matters most.

One-on-One Mental Performance Coaching Can Turn Your Athlete Into Someone Who Is Mentally “Bulletproof”

For over 25+ years I’ve had the incredible honor of working with some of the top coaches, athletes, and entrepreneurs in the world.



  • Coaches and athletes from the NFL, NHL, NBA, PGA, and MLB.

  • Entrepreneurs from small start-ups to some of the most successful companies in the world.

  • Olympians from eight different nations.

  • Athletic departments from Public, Private and Independent High Schools as well as NCAA D1, D2, and D3. MCLA and NAIA as well.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from working with these amazing individuals and distilled it down into my Signature Program.  I call it my Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint™

Here's What To Do Next...

If you’ve read this far and what I have said resonates with you, then I want you to take the next step and book a Breakthrough Call with me.


The Breakthrough Call is complimentary.

Why? Well, if there is one thing that I’ve learned over my many years of coaching it’s that relationships are key.  And whether we end up working together or not, I look forward to taking some time to get to know you and learning what your athlete is trying to accomplish.

We may speak now, but not work together for a year or two.


Or you may want to get going right away.

Either way...if we’re a fit then I may invite you to become a coaching client.  But if we’re not, I may recommend some other options you may have not considered and we’ll remain friends.


Don't Delay

When I speak with groups of parents a question I often get is, “When is a good time to start Mental Performance Training for MY athlete?”

Well, that’s a great question.


If you’re thinking that now might not be the right time, I can assure you, if you’ve read this far...NOW is probably the perfect time to get started.




Well, how soon would you like your athlete to have the tools to help them deal with any of those issues we spoke about before?


How soon would you like to help them avoid frustration?


How soon would you like them to perform better in practice AND on Game Day?


How soon would you like them to be able to outpace their competition?


How soon would you like them to get on the right path going forward?


I could go on.


So my recommendation would be to not delay.  


Take a moment and book your Breakthrough Call today.  The "Click Here" button below will take you to my calendar.  


Find a time that works best for you and let's get started.  I look forward to hearing from you.



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