Olympian - Jonathan Edwards

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  • Understand ALL the emotions: You can't solve anxiety unless you understand where it fits on the spectrum to flow and incredible performance.

  • Don't Be a Snowflake. There is no need to fall prey to anxious feelings.  Leave that for your competitors.

  • Complimentary Coaching Call With Coach Edwards Included

  • How To Deal With Anxiety When You Aren't Competing: Feeling of anxiety pop up at the worst times.  I'll explain how to manage those feelings for what they are.

  • Separate Audio Just For Parents: So you can help your athlete manage their anxiety AND your own.

  • Start Today, there is no need to suffer any longer.  Solve this...today.

Your Athlete Doesn't Have To Suffer Through Anxiety.

I'll Show Them How

If your athlete suffers from anxiety...this masterclass will help them move through it with ease.

Non athletes and traditional psychologists don't understand the unique needs of athletes.  We'll reveal what athletes need to understand to thrive in a field full of snowflakes.

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I never realized just how much MY anxiety was affecting my son.  The Anxiety to Flow Masterclass gave the the tools to manage my own anxiety and help my athlete with theirs.  

John K.

Parent in Boston, MA USA

My daughter was completely undone by her anxiety and we thought sports was going to be completely done for her.  The Anxiety to Flow Masterclass and the call with Jonathan completely turned that around.

Vikki L.

Parent in Sacramento, CA USA

I never realized how simple anxiety was to fix for an athlete.  This masterclass was a goldmine for us.  Gamechanger.

Joanne M.

Parent in Montreal, QC Canada



You've got 30 Days to devour this Masterclass.  And like all of our Masterclasses, if you don't learn something new, just let us know and we'll refund you.  No questions asked.

    Olympian - Jonathan Edwards

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