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Your choice of 4 guides that help athlete's navigate the often unspoken areas that can derail even the most successful athletes.  Grab one or get all four.  These 4 guides will transform your way of thinking and make decision making simple.

Confidence Is NOT The Problem

Endless Confidence

For Athletes

This quick guide will straighten out your approach to seeking a trait you already have.

  • Confidence is NOT the problem for elite athlete.

  • Learn the C2aC2b Formula for endless confidence no matter what competition you face.

  • Share this with your teammates but not your competitors!

One of our most popular guides.

Better Alcohol Choices For Athletes

If you're going to drink...drink this...

and not that.

  • Help minimize the negative effects of alcohol on a high-performance body.

  • Keep the peer pressure at bay and choose wisely.

  • Avoid alcohol choices that are toxic to the athlete body.

Never Worry About Sleep Again

Effortless Sleep For Athlete

Sleep is the #1 factor when it comes to better recover and better performance.  There is nothing more powerful.

  • Learn how to get to sleep even if you suffer from insomnia.

  • How to create a great sleep environment even when you travel.

  • Use technology so you can get to sleep quicker and wake up rested.

What If Anxiety Was Your Friend?


Anxiety-Free Athlete

Anxiety doesn't have to derail an athlete. You can harness it to your benefit.

  • Learn the Harvard-based-trick to turn you from anxious to...

  • Anxiety is a powerful tool to be harnessed.  Go from nervous to empowered.

  • Why it's ok to be...ok.

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